Brass Band Junior is functioning under the auspices of the Basic Art School in Prague 10 - Hostivař. The average age of its players is about 17 - 18 years. The work of the orchestra is above all based on the interpretation of Czech traditional brass music. Apart from the famous and less well known works of the authors who are today taken for the classics of this genre, the orchestra's repertoire doesn't omit contemporary brass music either.

From the history to the present

JUNIOR was established at the fall of 1998 at the City of Prague Music School around its bandmaster professor Josef Zettl. A small core group of students - trumpet, clarinet and horn players - immediately began to rehearse, soon to be joined by a few other young musicians who had heard from their fellow students about a new band being formed. Most of them had not yet been familiar with this kind of music - brass band instrumentation, its cast or interpretation of this genre. Yet the first contact didn't discourage them; on the contrary - further new players joined the orchestra in the run of the school year 1998 - 1999, so it was soon possible to set up the usual brass band formation. In May 1999 the group appeared in public for the first time at the school's concert. Further concerts soon followed in Prague and at Červený Hrádek by Sedlčany, as well as the first success in the competition festival "Vejvodova Zbraslav" in September 1999, where the orchestra reached the "silver zone", and impressed the public by its specific soft sound and its repertoire which included famous songs by Karel Vacek, Jaromír Vejvoda, Václav Bláha and others.

In 2002 the orchestra changed its place of operation, and came over to the Basic Art School in Prague 10 - Hostivař, where it found better conditions for its work, and has since been working. The school itself was founded more than 30 years ago, and today there are about a thousand students attending music, art, dance, and drama classes. There are functioning three vocal choirs of different age groups, three string orchestras, and a number of small chamber orchestras. Besides the Brass Band Junior there are other interesting formations like Parents Vocal Choir, and Beat Band. Current director of the school, Jiří Stárek, a great enthusiast and musician himself, apart from being the director, is teaching block flute, clarinet and saxophone.

Since it was established the Brass Band Junior has given about a hundred of performances. It has appeared in a number of brass festivals and concerts at home (Kopidlno, Zbiroh, Mikulov, traditionally at brass festival "Vejvodova Zbraslav ", in Prague's famous bier cellar "U Fleků", played at dance balls in Prague Lucerna Hall, appeared on TV…); and abroad (Germany, Austria, France), and has successfully participated in several competitions.

In July 2004 the civic association was established under the name "Junior's Friends Association" in order to help, and promote its activities. The first big task of the association is to prepare conditions for orchestra's participation in two international brass band competitions, as well as Junior's presentation on CD.